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Please note that DO NOT host any files or copyrighted material very very approximately the

Please note that DO NOT host any files or copyrighted material very very approximately the subject of this website. We DO NOT host torrent files, torrent hash data, and or any torrent metafiles. Furthermore, we have absolutely no control on the extremity of removing any content from any count site. If you found us using a site that associated with us, afterward engross right to use THEM.

That mammal said you CAN NOT in pleasurable faith comply to that any copyrighted be nimble that you put taking place as soon as is physical infringed is not authorized to be displayed approximately our site.

If you yet insist as regards sending us a proclamation of content removal, subsequently we pay for a copyrighted content removal serve to copyright owners or their authorized representatives.

If you aspire to story a copyright infringement that you have found apropos this website, charm sends us a formal demand which our Copyright Abuse Department will sufficiently review. As an important reminder, WE DO NOT HOST any copyrighted materials on this website and we must, as such, abundantly review all copyrighted content removal requests.

To establishment the copyrighted content removal demand process, charm sends us a proper copyrighted content removal demand. A copyrighted content removal demand MUST HAVE ALL of the taking into account information or our Copyright Abuse Department will not be nimble to properly evaluate your demand:

Required have enough maintenance advice
Please note that we isolated evaluation copyrighted content removal demand that FULLY MEETS the behind requirements:

  1. Identify yourself as either:
  1. The owner of a copyrighted work(s)
  2. A person authorized to feat on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
  3. State your association’s recommendation, including your TRUE NAME, street residence, telephone number, and email address as an upshot that our Copyright Abuse Department can easily confession you.
  4. Identify the copyrighted pretend that you understand is innately infringed, or if a large number of works are appearing on speaking a single website, a representative list of the works.
  5. Identify the material that you official advance is infringing your copyrighted take steps, and which you are requesting that the site surgically remove. FOR WEB OR INTERNET SEARCH, YOU MUST IDENTIFY EACH SEARCH RESULT THAT DIRECTLY LINKS TO A WEB PAGE OR FILE THAT ALLEGEDLY CONTAINS INFRINGING MATERIAL. This requires you to pay for (a) the search query that you used and (b) the URL for each allegedly infringing search outcome. Identify the material by its fiddle considering URL(s).
  6. State that you in pleasurable faith belief that use of the material in the heavens complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the concern. REMEMBER, WE DO NOT HOST ANY FILES!
  7. State that the opinion in the message is accurate, a numb penalty of perjury.
  8. Enter in the Subject showground the later title “Copyrighted Content Removal Request”.

Important Notice
Anonymous or incomplete messages will not be dealt as soon as.

We don’t react to threats and will ban your email dwelling from ever reaching us. Please be good-humored, and REMEMBER, WE DO NOT HOST ANY FILES!
Thank you for your treaty.

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